Our Yachts

For more than 30 years Fleming have been dedicated to a specific style of yacht. This focus, combined with rigorous testing and feedback from owners and dealers, has enabled Fleming to continiously improve designs and details so that the yachts have evolved into the superior collection Fleming offer today.  

Well designed, high quiality sailboats with focus on performence and having fun while sailing. Sailing is the ultimate freedome and with the posibility to sail all by your self or perhaps with family and/or friends, J-boats is being made from 7 meters up to 12 meters and in every size their focus reamins the same, Performence and FUN!

The original Corvette 320 earned the reputation for its superior seaworthiness, smooth ride and ability to handle rough sea conditions. Now the all-new Corvette 340, with more spaceious accomedations promises to be even more successefull than the original 320.  


The all-new J/121

Meet the all-new J/121. A 40\' offshore speedster with less crew.

The New Fleming 78 Classic

There is an all new Fleming 78 coming - Called the Fleming 78 Classic!

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Flemings 30th anniversary and the Ft. Lauderdale boat show!