Marstrand Yachts AB

Marstrand Yachts is the scandinavian dealer for

- Fleming Yachts
- Sirena yachts
- Cormate

Marstrand Yachts was founded in 2008 by Peter Johansson. Peter started his carreer in yachting in 1997 working for Sweden Yachts and today he has more than 20 years experience in the industry. After working for Sweden Yachts for 10 years, Peter left the company and decided to start his own business, which we today know as Marstrand Yachts,  M.Y.S.

M.Y.S are covering the nordic area when it comes to sales of new/used boats but we have been dealing with projects around the world. We have a large network and a lot of contacts that helps us when customers would like our help.

Regardless, if the boat you wish to buy is listed with us or not, we will help you get in contact with other brokers and/or owners.
Marstrand Yachts sees costumer relations as our top priority and always want to make sure that you as a buyer comes out as a proud owner of a yacht!

Peter Johansson

Peter Johansson

Peter is the founder of Marstrand Yachts and  is based on the West Coast. Peter works with all brands and is specialized in Fleming and the one you will have as single point of contact during the buying/selling process.
Phone: +46 (0)735 430 800

Annette Johahansson

Anette Johansson

Anette has been with us on and off for several years, and from 2018 she joined us full time. Anette works with the administrative, helps us during boat shows and keeps us in line. 
Phone: +46 (0) 708 296 122

Kristian Mogensen

Kristian Mogensen

Kristian is our carpenter and he’s the one who can make your wishes for change, both interior and exterior, come true.
After working several years for Sweden Yacht and four years as a contractor with Peter, Kristian joined Marstrand Yachts full time in 2014.  With 20+ years experience within carpenting Kristian takes pride in his work and he proves time after time that he knows what he’s doing. Kristian’s mentality and experience comes in more than handy when working with Fleming, when quality and looks are top priorities. 
Phone: +46 (0) 733 721 876

Nils Mogensen

Nils Mogensen

Nils has been helping us during off season for some years and he is a hard worker. Nils joined us full time 2019 and works with service and maintenance of our boats. 
Phone: +46 (0) 736 217 491

Tomas Säfverström

Tomas Säfverström

Tomas can be found in Marstrand and has the west coast as its geographical sales area.
Tomas was born in Gothenburg and has had interest of boats and marine life from an early age . Tomas has a background in the shipping industry and also a sales background from serveral other industriers.

Tomas works with all brands and is specialized in Sirena and Cormate and he will be your contact during the buying/selling process.
Phone: +46 (0) 703 10 61 52

Mattias Evald

Mattias can be found in Stockholm and has the east coast as its geographical area.
Mattias grow up on the east coast, Linköping and Loftahammar, and has been on the sea all his life.

Mattias is experienced from both a mechanical point of view and from a sales perspective with customer experience as speciality.

Mattias works with all brands and is specialized in Sirena and Cormate and he will be your contact during the buying/selling process.
Phone: +46 (0) 708 58 21 08

Tommy Hartikainen 

Tommy is our heating, cooling and electrical specialist, he is Kabola, Eberspächer, Webasto certified, has been working with this for 40 years. Has also a lot of experience with watermakers, stabilizers etc

Torbjörn Andersson

Torbjörn has been a sailor since teenager, has a lot of experience in blue ocean sailing, crossed the Atlantic two times, one of them was as a solo sailor, he has been working as an engineer for Volvo trucks for 25 years with product development. Has a lot of various experiences in maintaining all parts on yachts.

Henning Kleinfeld

Henning is based in Germany. He works with Sirena and Cormate and if you are from Germany, he will be your first contact in the buying/selling process.

Henning grew up in the northern part of Germany, directly at the Baltic Sea. He is a qualified engineer and project manager with many years of experience. Henning has sailed almost all his life and mostly with his own Yachts. His passion are boats.

Phone: +49 157 737 11 773

Anna Waldaeus

Anna  is working with marketing and our digital channels.

Anna is experienced from several different working areas and is specialized in customer experience.

Phone: +46 (0) 708 68 88 02 

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