Seafaring Yachts!

Today we are proud to announce that we will be representing Seafaring Yachts in northern Europe! Seafaring Yachts are produced in two different sizes, 33' and 44', and in two different models as well, the Coupe and the Flybridge. Seafaring is a model where you get comfort, style and efficiency all in one, for a good price. Giving you the possibility to add solar panels on the roof and an extra engine that runs on electricity makes Seafaring remarkably fuel efficient, leaving a minimal impact on the enviroment. Another thing that makes the Seafarings stand out is the 360º view from the saloon - it gives a extremly spacious feeling. Seafaring has put a lot of thought and energy into the design and figured out clever layouts and use of every space, making the yachts very practical and easy to live onboard.

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