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J/80 - Sailing Comfort with Speed to Burn

J/88 truly hits the sweet-spot in J Boats' new generation of performance sprit boats. This mid-sized 29' (8.8m) family speedster is fast, fun and stable with the security and comfort of a sit-in cockpit, inboard diesel, overnighting interior and onboard head.

J/88 is all about the joy of sailing - the exhilarating feel of a boat that responds instantly to slight changes in trim and course. The joy of sailing a well-balanced boat upwind in a breeze and then hoisting the masthead A-sail and flying over the waves downwind, with only a few fingers lightly holding the tiller. When the wind dies to a whisper, the J/88 with its high aspect, non-overlapping sailplan (no genoas), has the sail power and low hull resistance to ghost along while other have to motor.

Handling the J/88 is a Breeze
The mainsail and furling jib can be deployed in minutes. All halyards and sheets lead to the cockpit, and the primary winches are within reach of the driver - so solo tacking is an option without need of a self-tacking system. When you're ready for turbo-mode, the asymmetric spinnaker, flown from a rectractable carbon bowsprit, can be hoisted, jibed and taken down by just a two person crew (or one if with a snuffer).

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Standard Specification

Dimensions Foot/ Lbs Meter/ Kg
LOA 29.19 8.90
LWL 26.84 8.18
Beam 9.50 2.90
Standard Draft 6.50 1.98
Displacement 4,990 2,264
Diesel Aux. Engine 14 hp 14 hp
100% SA 439 40.80
SA/Dspl 24 24
Dspl/L 115 115

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