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J/122E Sport Cruising With Breathtaking Speed

The J/122e is the perfect blend of all-around J/Boats performance with live-aboard cruising luxury. The "E" is for elegance and evolution in performance cruising. Why settle for less when you can have a 40 footer that does it all? With its sailing-friendly deck layout and cockpit, the J/122e is as easy to manage offshore as she is entertaining dinner guests on the mooring. Quick and responsive, powerful yet stable, and pure magic to sail, the J/122e is what sailing is all about.

A New Performance Standard
With moderate displacement, a highly efficient hull, and a powerful sailplan the J/122e delivers true all-weather performance - able to sail nearly as fast as the wind speed in under 7 knots and yet stand up strong in a blow. The J/122e not only expands your opportunities to sail but expands your sailing range too, routinely able to log 200+ sailing miles per day while passage-making. J/122e is based on the same performance platform as the award-winning J/122 , which has logged impressive race wins in some of the world's most prestigous events - including the Rolex Fastnet Race, Newport-Bermuda Race, Chicago-Mac Race, and the Rolex Caribbean 600 and Middle Sea Races.

Easy-to-Manage Sailplan
The J/122e can be easily sailed by a cruising couple or a family crew. The standard mainsail with furling jib configuration makes trimming and tacking a breeze. Then for that extra burst of offwind speed one can unroll a Code 0 reacher or unsnuff a large asymmetric spinnaker flown from a retractable carbon bowsprit. J/Boats pioneered the modern day use of bowsprits with asymmetric spinnakers and revolutionized the way people sail. Two people is all it takes to set, jibe and drop a full-size asymmetric spinnaker on the J/122e - achieving the same straightline performance as one would otherwise need a full racing crew to achieve.

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Standard Specification

Dimensions Foot/ Lbs Meter/ Kg
LOA 40.00 12.19
LWL 34.60 10.55
Beam 11.91 3.63
Standard Draft 7.22 2.20
Standard Ballast 5,600 2,540
Displacement 14,900 6,760
Engine 40 hp 40 hp
100% SA 865 80.35
I 54.42 16.59
ISP 57.68 17.58
J 15.20 4.63
P 51.34 15.65
E 17.57 5.36
SA/Dspl 23 23
Dspl/L 161 161

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