Utility 23

The Utility 23 PRO is made especially for medium sized engines.
This boat delivers outstanding good quality and value for money with the new Mercury 115 PRO XS. With a very efficient hull together with a light and powerfull engine, this combines good performance, unbeatable fuel economy and low noise level. Very few (or none) other 23 foot cabin boats have been able to deliver this kind of performance from a 115 hp engine. The utility PRO version has a top speed of 42 knots and fuel consumption down to 0.55 l/nm at planning speeds. The PRO can also be delivered with a Mercury F-150 EFI.

A high performance edition, "Sport Utility 23" is reinforced by using some vinylester and is special "tuned" for high performance use. This model will be powered by a supercharged Verado engine with 200 to 300 hp. On request it will also be delivered as an R-23 edition with a Verado 400R from Mercury's racing department (delivered only to qualified costumers with the necessary high speed experience).

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The manufacturers website www.cormate.com


Lenght  7,15 m
Width 2,35 m
Depth 0,6 m
Weight 750 kg
Seatings 8
Berths 2
Fuel Tank 150 L
Top Speed  40-46 knots (Sport Utility 60-80 knots
Designer Egil Ranvig